Iron Blood & Sacrifice
The Trilogy

Eifion Wyn Williams

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Including the Brythonic Triad;

The Sons of Beli Mawr

The Sacking of Bidog

Return of the Yellow Dog


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The Sons of Beli Mawr

The Sacking of Bidog

Return of the Yellow Dog




The Sons of Beli Mawr.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Sons of Beli Mawr, as I have studied our ancient history and found it full of inconsistencies and contradictions. This author has in a very creative way, stitched together these disparate fragments of history and has written a creditable and fascinating story from them. I'm looking forward to the two sequels.

R. Harris - Stirling


The Sons of Beli Mawr

This historical novel took me by surprise and I enjoyed the concept of linking the ancient Celtic culture, with that of the old Welsh and it does work. There is a fascinating storyline woven around the history and I shall be sure to purchase both sequels, just to see where the author takes it.

Samantha Eckhart - Bristol

The Sons of Beli Mawr

Cracking good read and a well researched look into the iron-age culture in ancient Britain, in a highly creative, even poetic way in places. Some of our most endearing historical legends walk the earth once more in this novel and Eifion has breathed new life into these ancient tales.

Da iawn!

Cymru am Byth!

Emrys Parry - Swansea

Sons of Beli Mawr
5 of 5 stars
Superb story telling from a master of British /Welsh history
ByKindle Customer.on 6 May 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
An excellent read. Glad to see there are more in the series. Very detailed and informative. Can't wait to see it as a film.

Warrior Head small.jpg

Return of the Yellow Dog

4 of 5 stars
Reviewed in the United States on 18 June 2021. Verified Purchase.

This is an amazing book, steeped in the love of Britain and her ancient people, with beautiful writing, high flowing phrases, juxtaposed to gruesome, bloody (but historical) punishments, battles and sacrifices.




I am a 63-year-old Welshman brought-up in Snowdonia by a family of teachers, historians and poets.  My father, one of 11 children was the headmaster of my infant and junior school. This was Llanllechid Primary in Rachub, a tiny stone and slate village situated high in the cold foothills of Snowdon and above the small town of Bethesda. With so many Uncles and Aunts (four of whom were teachers) and countless cousins, I was lucky enough to receive a proper Welsh education and imbued from infancy, with a deep and abiding love for our ancient and glorious history. 

My blind Taid (Grandfather) was an orator and a story-teller of note, and I recall vividly our huge family squashed into the front parlour in Nain and Taid’s terraced house on Madoc Street, Porthmadoc. The whole family would be there listening to one of his historical tales, told with an elder-teacher’s love of his language and in his deep and musical baritone, inspired to verbosity perhaps by his blindness but you could see he enjoyed it. I can still smell the coal fire and the whisky, the sherry and the fragrant smoke that curled from his long pipe as he spun wondrous images before our eyes. He fired our already vivid imaginations with tales of dark Druids and magic, glimmering warriors like Lludd Llaw Ereint (silver hand) and Lleu Llaw Gyffes (swift handed), both of whom feature in these stories.

Always dressed in a pin-stripe three-piece suit, Taid would stand by the mantelpiece, puff his pipe and talk for hours whilst my brother and I would be on the floor in one corner, completely entranced. He spoke of God-like, ancient warriors such as Beli Mawr and even great Arthwr Fawr, and a huge, terrifying giant called Yspaddaden Pencawr who actually ate naughty children!

This then was the foundation to my historical and cultural education, which is of course, a never-ending process. Thus armed, I decided to start writing for pleasure and I am yet to stop. 


Please feel free to add a comment or ask any question you may have regarding the Iron Blood & Sacrifice Trilogy and I will endeavour to return your queries in good time.

I hope you enjoyed the work and I have just finished the  complete Trilogy, so all three books are now available on Kindle/Amazon & Smashwords. I am now devoting my time to a partially unrelated romance/adventure novel about Cadwy & Eirwen, tentatively entitled; The Founding of Gwenddoleu. 

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Iron Blood & Sacrifice

The Sons of Beli Mawr - The Sacking of Bidog - Return of the Yellow Dog

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